In addition to being the Mayor of Ecosystemville, Bob Taniguchi is currently building something cool at the QNX Software subsidiary of BlackBerry.  He most recently was the Uber-Evangelist/Sensei for BlackBerry, actually Sr. Director –  WW Head of Developer Evangelism.

Bob has held a variety of executive roles at both startups and Microsoft in Evangelism, Product Marketing/Management and Engineering.

He was an original Microsoft Technical Evangelist.  In this role he pioneered evangelism tactics, strategies and tools that established Microsoft Windows as the preeminent PC operating system.  Bob built application software and hardware ecosystems from the ground up at scale for Windows as well as specialized ecosystems for Windows Server, Enterprise, Infrastructure and Small Business products.

Twitter: @bobtaniguchi    Linkedin: bobtaniguchi

To insure he’s always got developers to talk to, he’s married to Kirsten, an immigration lawyer who specializes in high tech business immigration cases.

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