Ok, I’ve been a bad blogger for several months….

Suffice it to say that at BlackBerry, a day without change is, well, something that doesn’t happen.  The most recent change is moving from my seat in Developer Relations to the QNX Software division of the larger “BlackBerry”.  Yes, this is the same team of OS wizards who built the kernel running under BlackBerry 10.

Yes, this is the same team at QNX being started by Alec Saunders, and no, not we’re not doing Evangelism, rather, building a new product.  I’ll be working on a new M2M/IoT cloud based system, more on this as the story unfolds.

However, DRG and the App  Ecosystem team led by Marty Mallick have been merged, now it’s one App Ecosystem and Enterprise Developer team under Marty.  So if you work with someone on the BlackBerry DRG team or people you follow via the blog, twitter or forum posts, chances are they’ll still be delivering you the same great information, just with a new team name and maybe, well, I’ll wait for my old team to share their news.

I am planning to get back in the saddle and start blogging again, most likely with a broader focus than primarily product Evangelism.  Lots to discuss re: M2m and IoT…. but you know I’ll be watching what’s happening out in the Ecosystem.

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